A Look At How Adult Toys And Intimacy Products Are Now Popular And Mainstream

Sex and sexuality has always been a taboo subject and one that was typically left only discussed behind closed doors. However, after the sexual revolution, a lot has changed in our society. Men and women are no longer ashamed of their sexuality and as a result, adult toys and various intimacy products have become widely popular and seen as mainstream. They are no longer a niche product since over 53% of women own a vibrator and more than half of all men have used a sex toy. So, with that said, we will now take a closer look at some of the reasons behind this change.

Baby Boomers and Sex Toys

Firstly, the baby boomer generation was the first set of people that came of age when sexual restrictions loosened. As a result, they became the pioneers of sex toys and in particular vibrators. As a result of the baby boomer generation, each subsequent generation became more open in expressing and fulfilling their sexual needs, which has only led to a more free and sexually open society.

Next, in addition to the huge shift in attitudes, the availability of sex toys has skyrocketed. In the past, sex toys were typically only sold in the seedy parts of a town and you had to hide and purchase them. However, in these modern times, sex toys are sold at popular retail stores such as Walmart, CVS, 7-Eleven etc. The fact of the matter is that you can purchase intimacy products while you’re out buying toiletries, shampoos etc. These type of toys and products are no longer hidden but prominently displayed in public where everyone can see and purchase them.

Rise Of Womens Rights

Another reason for the rise of sex toys is due to the woman’s rights revolution. It is no secret that women have suffered sexually in the past due to uneducated partners. However, women no longer leave their personal pleasure up to their partner, but seek out their own fulfillment. According to various studies, women that use sex toys and vibrators in particular were found to be more sexually satisfied than those who didn’t.

One of the catalysts for change has been films and movies. The majority of movies and television shows often contain sexual content and this has only been increasing. As a result, people have become desensitized to various sexual content and don’t see it as something to be kept a secret or particularly private.

The internet has also helped to make sex toys and various other intimacy products more popular. This is due to the growth of pornography through the internet as well as through the millions of websites that sell sex toys. E-commerce has absolutely exploded in the last few years and this has affected all industries. However, sex and sex toy based e-commerce sites have especially grown in popularity since it allows people to purchase these toys from the comfort of their home and have it delivered there. You no longer have to personally visit a sex toy store which many people avoid out of fear of been seen. These sites have almost eliminated this barrier, which has caused a drastic increase in the use and popularity of intimacy products.

Lastly, the sex industry is always growing and evolving. There are always constant improvements to vibrators as well as new inventions. These toys are even being made to be controlled by smart phones, computers and other devices, which has lead to an increase in their use.

In conclusion, sex is no longer a taboo subject and sex toys are now commonplace. Our society has undergone quite the major shift and continues to shift into a more positive mindset when it comes to creative sexual expression.