Choosing the right Pool Installer this Summer

The growth of fiberglass pools in Adelaide has been nothing short of phenomenal in the past years, and many experts in the industry foretell fiberglass pools will overtake concrete pools in construction figures within the next few decades. A fiberglass pool is one of the options you can choose if you want to put up a pool in your backyard. Fiberglass pools have many several benefits that should be taken into concern when it comes to buying a swimming pool:

  • Fiberglass pools are much simpler to install than other kind of concrete pools. The fiberglass shape is fully formed at the producer, and then delivered to your home, ready to be placed into the ground.
  • They are an ideal choice as a permanent pool since they are 17 times stronger than concrete. It does not deteriorate and develop cracks as easily as the concrete type whereby you will save the cost of resurfacing, re-plastering or grouting. It is flexible and bends with the ground instead of splitting or popping and can withstand straying tree roots underground.
  • They do not require harsh cleaning and the use of strong chemicals which may cause healthy issues for swimmers. Less frequency of cleaning makes it a popular choice too. These needs provide for lower maintenance costs and time.

–  In the long haul, you will save on your electricity bill as fiberglass pools uses lower that the concrete pools. The reason being that these pumps and filtering system do not need to work longer hours to keep your swimming pool clean. Algae formations are easily brushed away.

– Due to the flexibility of installing a fibreglass pool in Adelaide that can withstand expanding soil conditions and pressures due to changing temperatures, you could actually have your fiberglass swimming pool assembled at any period from the warmest to the coldest seasons.

  • They can come in various types that include sports pools, lap pools, patio pools or even spas. There is an assortment of designs and colors with popular features like built-in spas, water features, wading pool, sunbathing shelves, steps, therapy jets and not forgetting pool lighting.
  • They provide for safety to swimmers compared to the rough surfaces of the concrete pools which can lead to scraped skin, red tipped fingers and bleeding toes. Swimsuits undergo quicken wear and tear due to contact with the rough surfaces. Fiberglass pools also provide the assurance of a non-slip surface to ensure safe swimming.

Overall, there are many benefits of fiberglass pools, so be sure to take them into concern when looking at all your swimming pool options.


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