Guide to Planning a Wedding – 7 Steps to Wedding Planning

Guide to Planning a Wedding – 7 Steps to Wedding Planning written by: alwaysthere However, if you want to handle the planning of your wedding or you want to go into the business of wedding planning, here is a simple guide that you might find useful.

1. Set a budget.
Your budget is one of the main, and in fact, the first consideration you have to make in planning a wedding. In any guide to planning a wedding, it will always start with the budget you have for the entire celebration. You can always customize things according to your budget, and you can also plan well if you know firsthand your budgetary constraints.

2. Finalize your guest list and some guests.
With your given budget, you also need to complete the number of guests you want to have in your wedding and your wedding party as well. This will help you prepare for other things such as the location of the wedding, the number of invites that you will send and the food that you will need to make.

3. Decide on a theme of the wedding
The subject of the marriage is also another important consideration in planning a wedding. Some couples want to have that unique theme for their marriage, and you have to focus your decorations as well as your activities and even your location to the marriage theme. They may want to have a beach wedding or a garden wedding. Thus you may consider location. You also have to make sure that other things also need to be harmoniously in coordination with the theme.

4. Make a list of what needs to be done
Given the budget, the number of people and the subject of the wedding, you may want to put everything into writing so you won’t forget anything. List every little thing that you need to do. You can record them into categories or areas so that you will not forget important things. You may want to categorize them into the Bride’s needs, the Groom’s needs, the entourage’s needs, food and food preparations, the wedding party which will also include the location, the music, and the wedding emcee. Keep in mind that weddings have a lot of little things and details to consider and listing every detail can be very helpful to avoid missing something later.

5. Make a list of what you want
Of course, there are preferences that you may want with your wedding. If you have set up the budget, the theme and the guest lists and the primary considerations of the marriage, you may want to include other preferences that you want especially those ideas that you want to include in your wedding. You may have special activities included or other not-so-essential things that you want to add as well, and you can write it down as well. Don’t forget you will need to decide on a wedding marquee hire company for your needs also.

6. Reconcile your wants with your budget
Given with what needs to do and what you want, you also have to consider what can do according to your budget. Your budget often has a last say of what you can do with the entire ceremony, and you may want to get rid of other unnecessary costs as well.

7. Go over your list over and over again to avoid missing minute details
Most often, little details lost in weddings and to avoid that; you have to review your list and go over your guide to planning a wedding to always to make sure you don’t miss something.

8. Lastly – Have Fun

Once your wedding is over, and your on your honey moon, make sure you let your hair down and relax, after all it’s probably been a stressful time. Make sure you love your partner, enjoy the intimacy, and have a great time.

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